Everyone knows they need a social media presence, but if you’re wondering which platforms and channels suit you, when and what to post, then that’s where we can help. 

We have been providing social media guidance and advice to organisations and businesses for the past five years. The benefit of having an outsourced consultant has paid dividends and they learn how to be more strategic with their social media. 

Social media has without a doubt become one of the key digital marketing mediums, but many businesses find that it simply soaks up resources and they’re not getting measurable gains. Digital marketing is all about measurability, you can assess what is working and adjust your strategy and activity to improve your performance and achieve real outcomes. 

More often than not, we recommend that a business or organisation maintains control of their social media posts and plans their own content, after all social media is a strong customer service channel, and its unlikely you outsource your customer services. Your customers want to hear from the people who represent your business, not an agency that is removed from the coal face of operations and culture. 

Our services in social media are focussed on strategy and measurement: 

  • Strategy development and goal setting
  • Advice for content planning, direction and creation
  • Implementing social media management tools for scheduling and measurement 

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