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Optimising is vital if your website is a sales tool and core source of business for you. You’ve invested in a web designer to make it look great, but then what? You want your website to be found easily, to appear in Google searches? Don’t neglect SEO or Adwords.

As experienced communicators first and foremost we are about semantics, developing words which make logical sense to you, those looking for your organisation and search engines like Google. 

Optimising your website for search engines requires an understanding of the ways that search engines like Google find and process information about your website. Applying that knowledge may require changes to the way you present information on your website. If you are considering Google Adwords advertising, you will also want to ensure your website is optimised, because that is a key factor in how effective your advertising is. 

  • Website audits to identify SEO strengths and weaknesses
  • Content creation and management – to edit and develop relevant content and help your websites climb search engine rankings
  • Improve your website code – a vital part of SEO, helping search engines understand your website and what your business is about
  • Develop valuable links from other websites, Search Engines see links as referrals, the more relevant referrals, the more you appear to be worthy of their respect


Website content is the words and images which make up your webpages. Almost every piece of content you add to your site impacts in multiple ways

  • Content is designed to engage those who visit your site. Informing them…convincing them…telling them to buy, sign up, or share 
  • Content is really important to search engines. Is it current, is it optimised, is it relevant?
  • And if its a blog or news post then you’ve got social media to think about too. Is it good enough to share? 

Make sure your content works on every level.


Google Adwords is the advertising you see on Google, above and beside the results. Often marked by the symbol sharp angles pr agency Google Search Google Adwords gives you another opportunity to get ahead of competitors with a second chance to show up in search results for your most important keywords that customers use to find you.

Adwords allows you to target a wider variety of keywords, because much as we might like to it’s challenging to optimise your sites for hundreds of phrases unless you’ve hundreds of pages. You can even target your competitor’s brands on Adwords. 

When launching a new business, Adwords can be useful great “stop gap”, a way of getting vital traffic through to your site until your SEO takes effect, giving you statistics on key words and search phrases for you to add to your website. 

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